Fèlix Tallada Castañé
I am a photographer based in Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona. Being in the world of capturing the moment from a very young age due to my father's influence on me in his interest in photography, I've had the luck of shooting several types of photos, including sports, concerts, travels, portraits or even food, among others. This is the work I try to show in this website and my other platforms.
I'm certified in studio photography, image treatment and social photography and building a solid base on camera and photography knowledge, combined with my will to understand light and color theory has helped and still helps me to keep modeling my own style. A style that tries not only to show the beauty of the scenes themselves but also, and most important, to evoque feelings and thoughts that can be taken in accordance to everyone's point of view. Subjectivity and interpretation of pictures is open and free to everybody. This is what enriches photography so much. This is what the world of photography means to me.

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